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CombiBreed® launches more than 100 new breed specific packages!


It has become even more straightforward to order the optimal set of DNA-tests for your dog. For more than 100 breeds, CombiBreed has combined the DNA-tests that are available for a specific breed into breed specific packages. The packages contain all available DNA-tests, including tests performed by our partnerlabs.

With this approach, we further develop the existing approach to offer combination packages requested by breed clubs and kennel clubs. In addition, owners/breeds will find their way easier in the wide range of available DNA-tests by simply ordering one combination package. Each complete CombiBreed package is suitable for a specific breed. Our combination packages are the mostly ordered tests in our webshop, showing that easy-ordering for attractive pricing is very important to our clients.

The composition of the breed specific packages will be continuously updated whenever relevant new developments in technology and scientific literature become available. A complete and up-to-date overview is available on CombiBreed Webshop Dog.